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Success Stories

"My mother has shown a lot of improvement in memory, and coordination since her participation in the interactive metronome program. She has always had fair coordination and memory, and she is now almost 93 years old! This program is keeping her mind and coordination at a high level for her age".

"This new program is great! I was having some major dizzy spells, and this program completely cured this. I have also noticed improvement in other coordination, and in improved memory.I have had such good care, in all of my needs. I am so happy with Heuser Chiropractic. I am sure that without their care I would be unable to function in anyway!"

Sandra L. S.

"Before coming to Heuser I had a problem with my balance. At times I would just “veer” off to my left or right. After going through the metronome program, I’m now on a “straight” track once again. My thanks to the Heuser team, who made it fun and enjoyable from day one. I’m now able to do my daily exercise and have a normal life".

Connie R.

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